Monday, July 26, 2010

Separation Anxiety

 I recently lost one earring from my absolutely favourite pair of earrings from Sass Diva (as seen here) and for some reason I just cannot bring myself to throw the remaining earring away. What use could I possibly have for one earring? None. No use. Useless. So, on this weekend I decided to go past Sass Diva hoping that I could get the same pair or at least a replacement pair. I was hopeful that finding a new pair would prompt me to throw the poor friendless earring away. I didn’t find the same pair but found a similar replacement pair, which is the pair in these pictures. Pretty, right? Then why can I still not bring myself to throw the other earring away? Am I deranged?


{I also purchased this super sized flower brooch at Sass Diva, which I thought brought my outfit just the right amount of quirky cuteness}

{I cannot wait to wear my summer shorts, so i figured, why wait then, and decided to pair them with some stockings}

{I hope you don't grow too tired of this fossil bag and my over the knee boots, because I just love them and I have a sneaky suspiscion that this wont be the last you see of them}

{Boots-Migato; Stockings-Woolworths; Shorts-Roxy; Black T-Woolworths; Cardigan-Woolworths, Earrings and Brooch- Sass Diva, Bag-Fossil}

I Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vitamin C Lippie

Lately I have been seeing all these fabulous dames sporting gorgeous bright orange lippie. I would imagine that this colour is probably better suited to summer, but I can't help thinking that in the midst of winter in South Africa, this could just be the perfect Vitamin C injection to help chase the winter blues away. I don’t know if I could pull the look off, with my lips being anorexic and all (have always had the hugest complex about my skinny lips) but these ladies make it look just gorgeous! Is orange the new red? We'll have to wait and see. (And maybe this trend will finally push me to treat myself to some lip plumping, but thats a whole other story, that will require a different type of injection, a painful one.)

Images Courtesy of  Glamour by dawn; Morning Cloak and Sterling Style

Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Treasure Trove

On Saturday I discovered the gem that is 44 Stanley in Milpark Johannesburg. What used to be a whole lot of industrial buildings and dilapidated workshops, has been turned into an inspiring little boutique shopping experience. You can amble through all the speciality shops and little cafe's and restaurants while taking in all the artistic beauty that surrounds you. The original 1930's architecture remains, which just adds to the quaint beauty of it all. Here you will find something to amuse even the most discerning of tastes, whether it be vintage interiors, high fashion pieces or freshly baked goods, whatever your poison 44 Stanley has the antidote for you! I will most definitely return and will keep returning until I have eaten my way through every restaurant and browsed every corner of every store. I left there truly inspired.

{Over the knee boots-Migato; Tights-Woolworths; Handag-Fossil, as seen here; Oversized white shirt-Miladys, Black pullover with buttons-woolworths; headband- sass diva, Vintage Ray Ban sunnies- my mom }

{The restaurant we ate at, Il Giardino, I had a delicious pasta with mushrooms and parmesan cheese, followed by Lindt chocolate mousse, was divine! }

{spying on the people outside, don't you just love people watching?}

{cute little mismatched chairs}

{Me and my gorgeous friend Nina}

Unfortunately my camera died on me, so I didn’t get too many shots of the outside and all the little stores. Oh well, all the more reason to go back.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fendi Find

Venice is not like any city you have ever seen, I mean, it floats on water for goodness sake, it is mindboggling and feels completely unreal. Feels more like you're in a Disney amusement park! Except with the most gorgeous ancient architecture you can imagine!

Well the point of this post is not to gush over how great Venice is, believe me I am not able to do it any justice just by describing it in words. You have to experience it yourself. So if it’s not on your " To travel list" scribble it in there now!

The point is this post, is to give you some close up pics of the gorgeous Fendi sunnies, as promised here, that I picked up in Venice. My boyfriend- bless him- bought them for me for my birthday. They are so unique, they have cutsie little flowers on the bottom of the frames, that have been carved into the backside of the frame making it look as though the flowers are floating in the tortoise shell frame! The flowers are repeated in the ear piece of the sunnies as well! So gorgeous!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Munchies

Last night I ate a red velvet cupcake for dinner! Yes! For dinner! I am a total sucker for the sweet stuff. My current obsession is red velvet! Red velvet cake, red velvet cupcakes, red velvet anything really! It’s a really pretty piece of confectionary, the bright velvety red colour of the cake against the pale cream cheese frosting, makes it a delight for both the eyes and the taste buds!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Camden Town

During my recent stay in London, my boyfriend kept nagging me to go to Camden Town. You're thinking "nag"?...why would he have to nag you to go to this amazingly unique shopping destination...Right? Right! Well, you see in my ignorance I was under the impression that Camden Town was only for metal heads seeking heavy metal t-shirts and the like- I don’t wear t-shirts! Yes, they do have this sort of thing too, but unbeknown to me they also have the most amazing selection of vintage clothing. Eventually my boyfriend got his way and we went to Camden Town, but unfortunately we only got around to it the morning of our departure back to South Africa and so we only had two hours to browse this massive market place. Needless to say I ran around like a headless chicken trying to see and buy as much as I could in two hours. Next time I go to London I will give Camden Town the attention it deserves.


{Dress and Shoes-Camden Town; Cardi-Woolworths, Handbag-Fossil, Stockings- Ballet Barre}

My favourite Camden purchase is without a doubt the Boots. They are a mission to lace up...oddly i find this quite therapeutic...I'm strange like that. And again we have the flesh coloured fishnets!

{Thats my doggie Milo, he wanted to be in the picture too!}

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brogue Agent

{Brogues, Mr. Price}

I must admit, when the whole brogue trend hit I was not completely convinced that this one was for me. That was until I spotted these gorgeous ones at Mr. Price! Their floral print makes them so girly and I just feel totally vintage chic in them. I wore them on Saturday to the mall and got stopped by a bunch of people demanding to know where I got them from.

I am also loving my flesh coloured fishnets lately, I’m wearing them with everything! I even wear them with jeans, and then roll up the hem so that it shows at the ankles. I first got a pair of flesh coloured fishnets when I was in High School and my Gran (believe it or not!) brought me a pair from Portugal. Nowadays I get them from the Ballet Barre (a local ballet clothing stockist). It’s the only place I seem to find them.

{Headband- Sassa Diva; Poloneck-Woolworths; Skirt-Legit- Stockings-Ballet Barre; Knee length stockings- Aldo; Brogues-Mr Price; Ring-Sass Diva; Necklace-Woolworths }

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chignon à la français

Paris! I love Paris! This city truly dazzled the socks off me when I was there last month. There is an air of fabulousness all around that you just can't help getting sucked in by it all. The glowing lights! The buzzing Brasseries! Not to mention all the Madams walking around, groomed to perfection with their chignon’s sitting prettily on their perfectly groomed heads. This city oozes glitz, glamour and elegance. I couldn’t resist donning my own interpretation of the chignon while I was in Paris.

Sunglasses-Fendi; Earrings-Accesorize; Peach Top-Edgars

{Thats the Louvre behind me}

Headband-Zara; Sunglasses-Fendi; Earrings-Sass Diva; Off Shoulder top-YDE

{I picked up these gorgeous Fendi sunnies in Venice! They are so unique that I'm going to dedicate a post solely to them, so stay tuned.}

As you have already seen here that I am obsessed with headbands lately; well this is where the obsession began. I bought this cutesy green feathered headband from Zara in Florence.